About Us

Ortholab opened for business in 1985 with the mission to provide the very best quality orthodontic and orthopaedic appliances to practitioners worldwide. We now operate from offices in Melbourne, Auckland, Singapore and Manila and supply doctors worldwide. 

Very Best materials including Forestadent screws

Free repairs on our appliances

Lifetime guarantee on most appliances

35 years Of Experience

Our Story

We’ve been specializing in orthodontic appliances since 1985

Today we are the largest Orthodontic Laboratory in the southern hemisphere by throughput. Headquartered in Melbourne’s eastern suburb of Canterbury, we serve doctors not only all over Australia, but throughout New Zealand, Asia, U.S.A. and Europe. Our reach is truly global.

From our very first day, quality and customer service has been paramount. It is the cornerstone our business has been built on. Our Quality Control department ensures no appliance ever leaves the lab unless it passes strict criteria including being fitted on the model originally provided to us.

Technicians in the wire bending department undergo ongoing training to ensure they meet standards set as the very highest in the industry, and a complete understanding of the appliance they are making ensures a superior product. In short, we don’t have “One task robots”, nor do we use “Pre form” wire patterns.

Our Technicians

To ensure a constant supply of  properly trained technicians for our expanding customer base, Ortholab has it’s own technician training school.  We run courses in wire bending, acrylicing, fixed appliances and more. The teaching and training given on these courses is not available anywhere else and students must reach a very high standard to be considered for a position at Ortholab. Technicians who work at the bench are subject  to ongoing training and upgrading of their skills, ensuring they remain the very best in the industry.


Our Vision

Constant improvement is our central theme, be it with customer relations, appliances, courses, staff….. all aspects of our business. This is Ortholab……..come join us.


Years Of Experience

Appliances made

Happy Customers