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In 1985 Ortholab started in a small shed in a back garden, barely able to house 2 technicians. Our mission has always been to provide doctors with the very best appliances at affordable prices so that more people could afford orthodontic treatment. 

Today we are the largest orthodontic laboratory in the southern hemisphere by throughput. Headquartered in the eastern Melbourne suburb of Canterbury, we serve doctors not only all over Australia, but throughout New Zealand, Asia, USA and Europe. Our reach is truly global.Description of photo here

From our very first day, quality has been paramount and along with customer service,  it is the corner stone our business has been built on. Our Q.C. department ensures no appliance ever leaves the lab unless it passes strict criteria, including being fitted perfectly on the model originally provided to us.

Technicians in the wire bending department undergo ongoing training to ensure they meet standards set as the very highest in the industry, and a complete understanding of the appliance they are making, ensures a superior product. In short, we don't have "One task robots" nor do we use "Pre form" wire patterns.

Our acrylic technicians are true artists, able to incorporate complex, one off, designs into the appliance in a multitude of colours and glitters. The array of acrylic designs available is vast, ranging from single colours or glitters to cartoon characters, photos, designs and much more.

Ortholab has embraced the digital age, being among the first labs to offer Orthodontic digital study models. With this technology we are able to reduce the cost of study models by 50%. We can scan models and send digital files between lab and doctor and we can receive STL files from our various locations, allowing us to print the models and make appliances from the printed models, significantly reducing lead times.  3D printing of models is the way of the future and Ortholab is right at the forefront.

In 2015 we took delivery of our new, updated M2 laser welder. Laser welding is 5 times stronger than soldering and much faster. This ensures our customers get the very best appliances that are not hindered by the reduced effectiveness of overheated metals. Laser welding of fixed appliances is state of the art and Ortholab is one of the few labs routinely providing this to our doctors with no increase in charge for the service.

To ensure a constant supply of technicians for our expanding customer base, Ortholab has it's own technician teaching school. We run courses in Wire bending, Acrylicing, Fixed Appliances and more.  The teaching and training given on these courses is not available anywhere else and students must reach a very high standard to be offered a position in the company. Technicians who work at the bench at Ortholab are subject to ongoing training and upgrading of their skills, ensuring they remain the very best in the indusrty.
It's not just appliances, we offer computerized cephalometric analyses to our doctors, giving them extra tools to aid in diagnosis and correct treatment for the orthodontic patient. We offer Indirect bonding for brackets, allowing doctors the ability to place a full mouth of brackets, accurately, in just 15-20 minutes, saving time and money. We have a range of Orthodontic supplies ranging from brackets, bands, archwires to instruments and pliers.

We have our own dedicated marketing department which publishes our award winning monthly newsletter, information articles for our doctors, as well as spec sheets, appliance information sheets, special offers etc. We email our customers "Ortho tips from the experts", a weekly tip from a world renowned orthodontic expert. We publish our own orthodontic journal, "The Journal of Functional and Fixed Orthodontics", which is published bi annually.
Our series of "Short Ortho Courses" has become very popular with doctors. We run 2 hour meetings in which we present a wide range of topics which show doctors not only "How to" but also give a ton of tips and techniques which are very practical and will assist doctors to treat their patients better, easier and faster. These courses are presented all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia on a regular basis and are free to attend. They are so popular that we are frequently requested to present them in places such as USA, Europe and The Middle East.    

We are present at exhibitions and seminars throughout the region, giving us the opportunity to meet new customers and catch up with our existing ones. We are active on social media
such as Facebook and others.

We've come a long way from our humble beginnings in a shed in the back garden of a suburban house. we now operate from 3 bases in Melbourne, Auckland and Singapore and
we have representative offices in other countries.

This is Ortholab, come and join us.


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